Instructional Designer and Web Developer

My name is Scott Wilson and I am an Instructional Designer/Content Creator. I love to work on online courses, video/audio production, website development, photography and Learning Management Systems.

Instructional Designer and Web Developer

My name is Scott Wilson and I specialise in creating eLearning courses using Instructional Design, Web Development and other Digital Media of all kinds. I love to work on projects like online courses, educational materials, websites, photography and videography.


Instructional Design

I work professionally in the design and development of interactive and inclusive eLearning courses, using VAK (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic) methods. I’ve produced countless programmes for well-known clients in Ireland.

Web Development

I can create rich, fully functional websites using WordPress which is suitable for small to medium businesses. I can create any type of website required such as eCommerce, blogs and portfolios sites.

Content Creation

I’ve had an interest in content creation before it became a trendy buzzword. I love all things in graphic design, video and audio production as well as my previous professional experience in 3D art.

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