Photo Scan Service

Here is something that isn’t e-Learning development related, I am now doing a Photo Scan Service for close and extended family, friends and friends of friends. Do you have an ageing collection of physical photos in the attic or cupboards? I can digitise, enhance and archive your memories forever. This is a good measure to have in the event that you misplace your precious photos.

How does it work?

I use a high-quality photo flatbed scanner to scan your photos at 600 Dots Per Inch which is a high enough resolution for digital viewing or reprinting at large formats. Furthermore, take a look at the other enhancements that I can do:

  • Colour, levels and contrast adjustments to make your photos pop.
  • Colour balancing to correct red and orange colour tints
  • Sepia to black and white conversions
  • Photo healing. I can remove and even replace most damage such as creases, burns, ink, etc.
  • Colourise. This is an experimental process where I can add minor colours to your photos such as skin tones, clothing colours, greenery and skies.
  • AI Facial Generation. This is even more experimental where I can run an AI-generated enhancement of your photos to improve the detail on faces. Results may vary. Here is an example of how AI Facial Generation works (Link opens in a new window).

Photos can be provided in a variety of digital methods such as USB, direct download or cloud storage. Let’s take a look at some examples of the Photo Scan Service.


This is an example of restoring colours which are off balance.


Here is an experimental edit which has colourise and AI generation on the faces. This image was heavily soiled with dirt with the majority of it cleaned up.


This is an example of removing the sepia colour cast as well as some correction to the torn edges on the left hand side.

This is an example of removing heavy noise in the photo and fixing some of the complex wall patterns on the left-hand side. This was an exceptionally low-quality photo.

What do I need?

It is important that the photos provided are loose, i.e. not stuck to an album as it can be difficult to scan from a book. Photos should also be clean from dirt and dust and the maximum size is A4. Preferably we will do a local collection where I will take your photos and bring them back to you so they won’t get lost by courier. I am currently able to work in the regions of Kildare, Dublin and Fermanagh.


As I offer a bespoke service it’s not possible to have an exact price on this page as it will depend on the number of loose photos and what adjustments you wish to be applied to your photos. However, reach out to me and we will work out a price for your photo needs.