Share Your E-Learning Certificate of Completion Templates #395

It has been a long time since I last participated in one of the e-Learning challenges over at E-Learning heroes. This week was on custom-generated certificates within Storyline. I’ve been wanting to have a way that learners could complete a course and download a custom certificate. A recent e-learning course I was on had a very impressive custom certificate which would download it directly as a PDF file rather than printing off an HTML file.

After scouring many resources I came across this excellent tutorial from Devlin Peck. He breaks down the entire process step by step and even includes the JavaScript needed to make it work. For a professional result, I recommend checking out his tutorial. It’s worth noting that this can be exported as a StoryLine block into Rise360 which is very neat.

If you would like to see my source Storyline file, please click here.

Share Your E-Learning Certificate of Completion Templates #395

You can see more about this challenge on the Articulate E-Learning Heroes website.

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